Healing Sound Bath with Crystal Bowls

Energy Healing Sound Bath w/ Reiki

Enjoy a calming evening combining the sound healing from my crystal bowls with the energy healing of reiki, and give yourself the sweet gift of relaxation and connection.
No experience needed, and all props are supplied!
Space is limited so please be sure to register!

Private Sound Bath

  • 30 minutes for $45

  • 60 minutes for $60

  • Add-ons available

    • Yoga

    • Guided Meditation

  • Travel fee varies

  • “Non-Business Hours” fee may apply

Mindful Movement & Singing Bowls
at the Park will be back in Spring!

Join us for this free wellness event hosted by the city’s Recreation & Parks Dept!

Bowls on the Beach

This offering will be back next spring! Until then, I’m available for private sessions with your group on the beach, or anywhere else!

What are Crystal Singing Bowls?

Crystal singing bowls are healing sound instruments that are made of silica (quartz) and sand. These singing bowls are created using heat in a spinning mold, and can be “programmed” to create specific sounds.

Silica is also one of the most abundant trace elements found in the human body, so it’s no surprise that our cells are naturally receptive to the healing vibrations emitted when playing the crystal bowls. The sounds can affect the brainwave activity, often guiding the listener into an altered state of consciousness.

Sound therapy has been utilized in many cultures and religions throughout history. The use of singing bowls are thought to have originated in Buddhism, however they used bowls made of various metals. Crystal singing bowls were only recently introduced in the 1980’s and were originally being created in the computer industry to help grow pure silicon chips for computers. The sound qualities were later discovered as “imperfect” bowls were being discarded.

Simply listening to the rich tones of the bowls can help a person become deeply relaxed. When coupled with mindfulness practices and intention, recipients can be guided into states of clarity, deep meditative states, balancing the chakra centers, or a general state of well-being.

Some other benefits include:
Effectively reducing stress and anxiety
Relieving physical pain
Improving mental and emotional clarity
Cleansing and balances chakras
Stimulating the immune system

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Thank you for encouraging me to share my light!

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