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Every BODY!

Let’s discuss your goals, current conditions, and injuries/surgeries to figure out the best way to safely create a yoga practice for YOU! If I can’t facilitate an intelligent, healthy, helpful practice for you, there is a very good chance I can at least point you in the right direction!


Yoga is the Sanskrit word for “union”, or “yolk”, a practice in uniting the mind, body, and spirit. Westernized yoga mainly focuses on the asana practice, or the physical practice, in which we place our bodies in different shapes, and practice connecting our movements with the breath. The physical practice can be tailored to focus on strength building, gentle movement, slow stretching, deep stretching, restorative postures, functional fitness, and can be modified with props to allow us to meet ourselves exactly where we’re at! Email me to discuss what would be a helpful practice for YOU!


There are options!
I am currently offering in-studio classes at Advanced Wellness & Massage and EXSS Fit
During the warm months, you can catch me for Beach Yoga & Cleanup on Sundays!
For private sessions, I have an indoor “Zen Den” in my private residence that can accommodate around 3 people, and an outdoor space for larger groups when the weather is warm.
I can also come to your space if that is more comfortable! Beach yoga is also a crowd favorite, and there are plenty of local parks that are perfect to support a great practice!

Email me to schedule something or inquire about availability!


To Connect… To Self. To Source. To Community.

To Rearrange… Your Body. Your Mind. Your Patterns.

To Rewrite… Your Story. Their Narratives.

To Enhance… Strength. Confidence. Compassion.

To Open… Your Heart. Your Consciousness. Your Experience.

To Just Be.

Contact Me

With any questions!

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Thank you for encouraging me to share my light!

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