Wild Woman Gatherings

Connection. Sisterhood. Empowerment. Liberation.

Be Heard
Be Seen
Be Held

What is a Wild Woman Gathering?

Women gathering together in circle is a tradition that goes back many years in history, and was a practice seen in many cultures. The circles became rare after a time that the power of women, in group especially, was being perceived as a threat. As we begin to rewrite that narrative and realize the importance of the divine feminine, these gatherings are starting to gain popularity once again, across the globe.
These circles are a chance to create a sacred space to connect with women from all walks of life and celebrate oneness, our collective divine feminine, and sisterhood. This is a space for women to feel seen, heard, and held. To share wisdom and experience, explore similarities and differences alike, and to encourage each other to show up in life authentically.

My Wild Woman Gatherings started as more of a celebration of the Full Moon, but as the group grew, I realized creating more of a focus on the women, and less on the lunar cycle, although the moon will still be an inspiration. To make these events more accessible to the women in my community, our Gatherings will be held on the weekends.

I am also available to host private women’s groups for your personal goddess gang. Contact me to chat about details!

Interested in co-hosting and being our

Wild Woman of the Month?

Please feel free to reach out to me and tell me what you would like to share with our group! Inviting women in to share their light and skills and knowledge with others and take part in leading circle has been such a fun thing to offer! We have had some amazing women participate and I am always looking for new faces or repeat co-hosts! If this idea intrigues you, let’s chat!!


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Thank you for encouraging me to share my light!

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